Are you ready to be our first Sales Executive?

DilgenceEngine is a fast-growing software startup that helps professionals review contracts faster and more accurately than conventional methods. After years of hard development work, our initial customers include some of the world’s largest corporations, law firms, and professional service firms. In 2014, our platform was trusted and used on corporate transactions worth tens of billions (yes, billions) of dollars.

That is where you come in. As our first dedicated salesperson, you will have a phenomenal opportunity to accelerate our success, working directly with the CEO and CMO.

As a Sales Executive you will:

  • Close new business, meeting or exceeding quarterly sales quotas and/or revenue targets.
  • Prospect for potential customers, via research and networking.
  • Follow up on inbound leads.
  • Contact and qualify leads via calls, emails and meetings to understand business needs.
  • Schedule and conduct demonstrations and pitches.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with multiple professionals within prospect companies, to develop a buying constituency.
  • Rigorously manage product trials.
  • Create proposals and negotiate contracts.
  • Manage upsells and renewals, as applicable.
  • Provide limited customer support (including sometimes at odd hours), as needed to support trials and the sales process.
  • Extensively use CRM software to log and manage prospect communications, and keep deal status up to date.
  • Provide regular pipeline updates to the CEO and CMO.
  • Work closely with CMO and lean marketing team on lead generation, pricing, and business rules to ensure an environment for sales success.
  • Relay customer feedback to the product team as needed.

This is outstanding job for you if:

  • You work well autonomously and appreciate that freedom.
  • You’re reasonably tech-savvy and have experience selling B2B online SaaS and installed software products.
  • You’re accustomed to having a quota and know you can crush it.
  • You crave an opportunity to build business, helping create value for customers while increasing earnings for yourself and the company.
  • You have an existing personal network with lawyers, law firms, audit and consulting firms, commercial real estate, insurance companies, and/or similar professionals.
  • You’re personable, honest, consultative, enjoy challenges and can explain complex ideas to non-experts.
  • You’re interested in being part of a company that is at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.
  • You’re pleasant to work with, and a team player who has respect for and is respected by colleagues.

Ideally you live in New York, but we’re willing to consider other locations for the right individual. Although most client meetings can be done via web or phone, you should be willing and able to travel (perhaps extensively at times) within the U.S. and Canada.

Compensation will include a moderate base salary (DOE) + attractive commissions.

Sound good? Reach out! Send an email to with “Sales Executive” in the subject line, including a resume or LinkedIn profile, an explanation of why you would be a good addition to our team, and your compensation expectations. DiligenceEngine welcomes diverse candidates.

Noah Interviewed by GC Research Club

Over the summer, I did an extensive interview series with William Barns-Graham of GC Research Club. It was long enough that it originally came out in three parts (though now appears to have been consolidated into one piece). In it, we cover how in-house lawyers help push legal tech advancement, DiligenceEngine, and how technology will change lawyering. Check it out!

GCRC Interview: Noah Waisberg, CEO at DiligenceEngine

DiligenceEngine Included in “The Current State of Machine Intelligence”

Shivon Zilis, an investor at Bloomberg Beta, recently put out a company landscape covering “The Current State of Machine Intelligence“. She based this on spending “the last three months learning about every artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data related startup I could find — my current list has 2,529 of them to be exact.” Zillis uses “‘machine intelligence’ as a unifying term for what others call machine learning and artificial intelligence.” We are included in the Rethinking Industries/Legal category. Note that the landscape features a lot less than 2,529 companies!

I know the legal category best of the ones covered, and find the included group both under- and over-inclusive. It is under-inclusive by featuring zero technology aided review eDiscovery companies. These are the most established purveyors of machine learning technology in legal. On the other hand, based on the last time I heard, at least two of the companies in the legal group were powering their “machine intelligence” using rules-based technology or heavily using people behind the scenes, but calling it tech, which I suspect would not meet Zillis’ definition. That said, there are good reasons companies do not advertise using rules-based tech or cheaper people, so who is using what technology can be hard to figure out. Despite this, the landscape is an impressive work, and worth checking out!

The Current State of Machine Intelligence

DiligenceEngine Featured by NYU Law

New York University School of Law recently ran a piece highlighting five legal tech companies led by alums. Companies include litigation management tool Allegory Law, whose founder and CEO Alma Asay is a 2005 grad, “tiny law” contract drafting app Shake, whose chief legal officer Vinay Jain is a 2009 grad, and us (I got my J.D. from NYU Law in 2006). All five featured alums worked at serious firms and companies (Gibson, Skadden, Weil, Debevoise, Bingham/Google) before getting into legal tech.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to try to post several other pieces covering us that we didn’t blog about right when they came out.

Starting Up: Five NYU Law alumni are leading ventures in legal technology

DiligenceEngine in TechCrunch

Basha Rubin, CEO of Priori Legal, had a nice piece in TechCrunch recently, “Legal Tech Startups Have A Short History And A Bright Future“. In it, she details “three areas in the legal space on the precipice of major disruption in 2015″:

  • DIY services, allowing consumers to solve certain legal problems without a lawyer (e.g., business incorporation and wills with LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer, small-scale contracts with Shake).
  • Legal marketplaces, which allow people needing lawyers to get them (e.g., Priori (targeting small businesses), Hire and Esquire (for law firms needing temp lawyers)).
  • High-tech tools, that allow lawyers to better do their work and communicate with clients.

Our contract review software was included among the “high-tech tools.”

To us, legal is a really exciting area to be building a technology company in. Here are two big reasons why:

Basha’s article goes into more details on some of the opportunities currently being focused on in legal tech. Check it out!

TechCrunch - Legal Tech Startups Have A Short History And A Bright Future

Take the Plunge Out of Biglaw With Us—We’re Hiring a Chief of Staff!

You crave change. You would like to build products, and be part of growing an enterprise. Often you like your job, but think you could be better in a business role. You’ve been thinking about finding a job at a company for years, but wouldn’t like to throw your legal skills away.

I’ve been there. I liked a lot about being a corporate associate at Weil—the people, mostly intellectually challenging work, steady and good pay, support—but it wasn’t right for me forever. Eventually I quit and cofounded DiligenceEngine, which partially automates contract review work I used to do and supervise. After a lot of hard development work, we see users of our software do more accurate contract review in 20–60% less time. Our system is selling well enough to pay a quickly expanding number of employees out of our revenue.

This is where you come in. We’re growing our team, and think someone with Biglaw corporate law experience could be a great fit as our Chief of Staff.

Here are some of the things you might do if you join us:

  • Help recruit, hire, and on-board new team members.
  • Help market our product: work with our marketing team to create content, including product descriptions, blog posts, tweets, videos, public speaking, and even more creative things.
  • Help sell our product: research and contact prospects, help the sales team with follow up, and then get customers set up with access after they buy.
  • Interface with customers and prospective customers. Provide some customer support (including sometimes at odd hours).
  • Interface with our tech team to help improve our product: help our tech team build out and test new features.
  • Help teach our system to find new information, and work with other experienced lawyers on our team who focus on teaching our system.
  • Do some of our own legal work (mostly contracts, employment, and IP).
  • Whatever else comes up.

Here are things that make this an outstanding job, for the right person:

  • Immediately see the impact of your efforts.
  • Get on the job training in machine learning technology, web tech, and design from people who are good at these things.
  • Actively participate in how technology affects the future practice of corporate law.
  • Make connections in the legal community, including general counsel, law firm partners, and leaders in legal technology.
  • Join a tech company as a technical expert—rare for a lawyer, but possible since we specialize in automating part of your old job.
  • Be part of a strong team with prior Biglaw experience.
  • Care about your job.

Since many of our customers are leading law firms, we would prefer to hire someone for this role who has been a corporate lawyer at a good firm, with experience doing and supervising due diligence. Ideally you live in Toronto or NYC. You’re personable, a good writer, like challenges and can explain complex ideas to non-experts. Most important, you like getting things done and work well autonomously—we have enough to do without supervising you. You’re pleasant to work with, a team player who has respect for and is respected by colleagues.

How to Apply

Send an email with “Chief of Staff” in the subject line, including a resume, an explanation of why you would be a good addition to our team, and your compensation expectations. Since we care about your being a good writer, a relevant writing sample wouldn’t hurt, but is not required. We’re also open to more creative applications. DiligenceEngine welcomes diverse candidates.

DiligenceEngine Featured in The ABA Journal

Victor Li did a nice piece on us in the November edition of the ABA Journal. It includes description of what our automated contract review system does, a user story, as well as comments from another vendor who apparently plans to launch a rival contract provision extraction system. News to us.

Regarding new entrants into the contract review software market, we expect to see more companies getting in to this market (see, e.g., this August 2013 post I did noting other entrants, or Ryan McClead recently noting that he has “seen no fewer than 5 contract review applications in the last few months that promise to reduce processing time and increase accuracy by large percentages”). There is a lot of contract review work done, and it should be done much better than it is. That said, it’s hard to get contract review software right. Our still-growing Contract Review Software Buyer’s Guide has a lot more details. We welcome other companies that will help push contract provision extraction technology along.

Anyways, I enjoyed the ABA Journal article—check it out!

Technology rewires the drafting and reviewing of contracts